Disability Benefits

VA Disability Benefits

VA Disability Benefits - For Those Who Served Their Country

In the United States, verterans of the armed services are eligible for a number of programs administered by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). One of programs provides qualified military vets with VA disability benefits. These benefits are administered through two different programs. One is called Disability Compensation, and the other is the Veterans Administration Pension.

Eligibility for Disability Compensation is first of all dependent on having been discharged under other than dishonorable conditions, and secondly having a service related disability.

These veteran's disability benefits are provided to provide financial assistance to military veterans and their dependents and/or survivors for disabilities incurred as a result of their military service. If a veteran is ten percent disabled due to that service, they can qualify for benefits that could total over $2471 per month. If the medical injury or illness was caused by or made worse by active military duty, it should qualify. These benefits range from $115 to over $2471 and are tax free. Additional benefits are available if the veteran has a loss of limb(s), loss of sight of an eye, loss of a reproductive organ, deafness in both ears, or a combination of the preceding disabilities, has a seriously disabled spouse, or has a dependent child, spouse, or parents.

Additionally, if a veteran becomes disabled as a result of VA health care, they may also qualify for Veterans Administration disability benefits.

To apply for VA disability, fill out VA form 21-526, which is the Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension. You can also apply online. Attach the following if pertinent:

Medical evidence such as doctor's or hospital records.

Proof of dependency such as children's birth certificates or marriage licenses.

Also, wartime veterans over the age of sixty-five with limited income who are no longer able to work can qualify for a VA pension, assuming they served at least ninety days of active duty with at least one day being during a declared period of war, they are permanently and totally disabled, they were discharged from the military under other than dishonorable conditions, and their family income is below a certain level revised yearly. For 2007 that level is $10,929 for a single veteran, $13,356 for a single veteran without dependents who's housebound, $14,313 for a single veteran with one dependent, and $16,740 for a housebound veteran with one dependent. There are higher levels for other levels of disability.

Under this pension plan, your VA disability benefits would be the amount listed above minus your income. The VA counts all the money you receive as 'income'. There are no exclusions for things such as interest or dividends. This difference between the listed amounts and your income would be paid as twelve equal monthly payments.